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Play Free Online Games like Yahtzee and Slots and Win Great Prizes while you do it.

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Free Items available on the net in a categorized, search engine.

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Send Free Interactive Postcards or Personalized Love Coupons.

Over 350 definitions for Internet and Computer Terms.

Internet Tips
Tips to improve your use of Internet and Computer Technology.

The Funny Files
A bit of Humour to help brighten up your day.

Fortune Cookie
Crack open a Fortune Cookie and possibly see what lies ahead in life for you.

Chat Acronyms
A listing of all the Acronyms you've always wanted to know in the Chat World.

This Day in History
A searchable listing of historical world events, birthdays, and deaths.

Words of Wisdom
Discover the great wisdom of the Dwarven Elder.

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Say hello to Duane the Dwarf Meet Duane, he will be your D.I.G. host.
At Dwarfnet Internet Guide, we have put together a vast array of information. From Internet Tips and Tricks, Chat Lingo and Internet Terms explained, to 'This Day in History', as well as fun with our Scavenger Hunt (where you can win prizes), Words of Wisdom, Fortune Cookie and Humour Sections, we have provided an easy to navigate site to get you what you want, quickly and easily.

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Mine 4 Free
An easy-to-use Freebie Search Engine. Don't waste your valuable time trying to hunt down the Freebies you want. Dwarfnet has put together a comprehensive guide of Freebies, freebies and more freebies along with some cool contest and sweepstakes sites thrown in as well !

Internet Glossary
One of the most confusing things about the Internet is the amount of new terms and words. It can be so confusing and overwhelming, especially if you are new to the Internet. Here you will find a comprehensive list of the "Internet Lingo" and commonly used terms... with easy to understand, everyday language definitions.

Acronyms and Chat Lingo
Have you ever wondered what everyone in the chat rooms is saying? Well, wonder no more ! Dwarfnet has put together a listing of all the acronyms you've always wanted to know in the Chat World... and maybe a few you didn't want to know.

The Funny Files
Dwarfnet is pleased to present: The Funny Files ! A bit of humour to help brighten up your day
Dwarfnet Scavenger Hunt
When you Find stuff you can Win Stuff. And best of all, it's Free! If you look to the right menu, you will notice a Scavenger Hunt item. These are located on almost every page of the site. You can Win Prizes if you can find the codes for the needed items in the hunt.

Game Pod 2 - The Dwarf Dome
At Game Pod 2: The Dwarf Dome you can Play some of your favourite Games online for Free and Win Cash and Great Prizes while you do it !!

Internet Tips
Learn the tricks the professionals use! We will show you the way with easy to use methods. You will be able to save precious hard drive space, download faster, use your browser to its full potential and much, much more...

Dwarfnet Special Greetings
Send Free Interactive Postcards or Personalized Love Coupons from Dwarfnet's Free Multimedia Postcards and Cyber Greetings Section... The most customizable postcard (greetings) site on the 'net!

Fortune Cookie
Not sure what lies ahead in life for you? Crack open a Fortune Cookie and maybe it will tell you.

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