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Welcome to
Game Pod 2: The Dwarf Dome

If You Can't Find It Here... You can't Play it

At Game Pod 2: The Dwarf Dome you can Play some of your favourite Games online for Free and Win Great Prizes while you do it!!

We have set up a points system to allow you earn Nuggets while playing our games. Much like Air Miles, Dwarf Dome Nuggets can be cashed in for a prize once you reach the Nugget value of that prize. The more Free Games you play, the more Nuggets you earn, the more Free Prizes you'll receive!

You will have to be registered in order to collect Nuggets and Win Prizes. You can also play the games just for fun and not register (but you won't receive Nuggets
or be eligible for Prizes).

Be sure to Join our monthly Scavenger Hunt for a chance of winning 5,000 Dwarf Dome Nuggets!!

Not a Member? Register Now (It's Free!!)

If you do have any problems, please let us know.
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Just Playing as a "Guest" for Fun?

Choose a Game:
Target Games
Target Games

The object of this game is to find the Target Spot on a picture. There are 5 levels, each level more difficult then the previous. Play Diamond Mine, Hay in a Needle Stack, Assassin and more!

You get 50 chances to find 5 spots. See how well you score in the top 50 for each version!
Double Yahtzee
Double Yahtzee
Heart Breaker
Heart Breaker
   Play the New Dwarf Dome Game!!
Do you want to break a few hearts... Now is your chance!!
Crack an Egg
Crack an Egg
   Play the New Dwarf Dome Game!!
You can now crack a few eggs.... and that's no yolk!!
Whack an Elf
   Play the New Dwarf Dome Game!!
Take out (y)our frustrations on Santa's helpers... but don't hit Santa!
Joker's Wild - Video Poker
One Eyed Duane - Video Poker

Two Wild Cards are better then one! This version of Video Poker will keep you occupied for hours of fun!
Dwarven Hi-Lo
Dwarven Hi-Lo

Dwarven Hi-Lo is a Card Game where you try to guess if the hidden card is higher or lower then the card showing. Sounds easy? Well, there is more...
Slot Machine
Slot Machine

Try your luck with these 'One-Arm Bandits'. Play Britney Spears Slots, Pavel Bure Slots, Teletubby Slots and more!
Joker's Wild - Video Poker
Joker's Wild - Video Poker

Is the Joker your friend or foe? Can you get your name listed in the Top 100? Find out when you play this online version of the popular casino game.
Christmas Yahtzee

Christmas version of the popular Dice Game with a few added surprises!
Halloween Yahtzee
Halloween Yahtzee

Halloween version of the popular Dice Game with a few added surprises!
Valentine Yahtzee

Valentine version of the popular Dice Game with a few added surprises!
Easter Yahtzee

Easter version of the popular Dice Game with a few added surprises!
Flower Power Yahtzee
Flower Power

Flower version of the popular Dice Game Yahtzee, with a few added surprises!

Online version of the popular Dice Game. See how high You can score!

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